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YOURTIMEPAYS INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED is an Indigenous Registered Company in Nigeria, with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The Company setup a platform known as “YourTimePays” October 26, 2016. The platform was created to run on a web address

The platform is meant to adopt the Work and Earn Scheme. The Scheme ensures that persons who use the Internet actually Work for Companies and get paid. The Scheme is widely accepted in most Countries around the World. The United States of America is top with over 75% of their citizens benefiting financially from the Scheme. We have adopted the same Scheme in Nigeria with the Platform ( which has created a niche for Nigerians and 3rd party Companies / Business Institutions.

While the Companies benefit largely with growth and a huge Customer base with provision of simple online jobs, advertisements, surveys, etc. Nigerians also benefit financially from the proceeds disbursed by these Companies / Business Institutions once they spend time using the internet.

The platform will also thrive as an Affiliate Marketing Scheme with our Company promoting other Company products / Services. We also offer Advert placement for such Companies who want to take advantage of our Robust database.


Towards sustainable empowerment and value creation. While we become a formidable force in the business society of Nigeria.


Creating empowerment opportunities through global technology and entrepreneurship using efficient and reliable interface.

We have created a structure built on reliability, efficiency and dedication to satisfy our users, while we strive to create a name that will stand the test of time.


To accomplish the above said objective, The Company has put together a team of Professionals in various fields.

We have also setup a very strong team in charge of Research and Development to make sure that we properly and holistically accomplish our set objective.


The Platform is to generate funds for over twenty million (20million) Nigerians within the next three years (3 years). We also aim at providing funds for Ministries / Organizations to make use of in the development and transformation of the Nigerian economy, while we become a multi-billion dollar resource Organization.

How is this possible?

Firstly, we have an immediate Sustainability Plan which is called the “1000 Days Empowerment Plan”.

The Plan is based on simple logic and begun since 29th October 2017 and to run till 13 th July 2020. We targeted 1,500 Companies both Locally and Internationally that will want growth.

Each individual Company will just need to offer an average sum of five hundred naira (N500.00) for a User (A Nigerian). The Calculation is done below:

500 (Naira) x 1500 (Companies) = 750,000 (Naira) to be gotten by an individual within 1000days.

Therefore 750,000 (Naira) divided by 1000 (days) = 750 (Naira) as a a daily income to a User of the platform.

That equals 750 (Naira) x 30 (days) = 22,500 (Naira) monthly.

The calculation is done as the minimum amount which is exclusive from what users get from viewing adverts, referring others to the Platform, Submitting Articles and so on.

An Average User is to earn twenty thousand naira (N20, 000.00) monthly from the comfort of his / her home just spending few hours online.

Secondly, The Companies will solely benefit also from growth and with the constant circulation of funds, it makes it easier for the other Companies to strive in an open economy.

Lastly, Government Ministries / Organizations will have access to funds for Development purposes.

How is this possible?

Each User of the platform is to pay a Tax of 2% from their monthly earnings.

A User who pays 2% from an average of 10,000 (naira) = 200 (naira) per User

Once the platform grows to our targeted 20million Users we will have the below estimate.

200 (naira) x 20,000,000 (users) = 4,000,000,000 (naira) as generated revenue to the economy monthly.


Thus far we have been able to record a tremendous growth rate since the setup of the platform in October 2016. We have grown to over 2,000,000 Users and thousands of beneficiaries that have received funds from the Scheme.

We have available over 200 live Testimonies from Users who have benefited from the Scheme and we are aiming at expanding the Scheme within the nearest time possible to affect the over 20million Nigerians.


We have thoroughly and Professional planned and executed the Scheme based on sincerity and openness.

The Scheme is a Legal Scheme.

Investigative Teams can be setup to monitor the Company and its activities.

Our Platform is very secured and free of Malware and other malicious programs.

The platform is hosted on a dedicated Server (CloudAccess) in the United States and has a unique CWS Robot program to ensure easy System Management and analysis.