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Easy To Use Interface
Our Platform has a very easy to use Interface that was Programmed to work on Every Device.
Tested And Trusted
We have built a formidable reputation over the years based on efficiency and customers satisfaction.
Work and Earn Scheme
You get paid for the Time You Spend on Our Website Viewing Ads, Completing Tasks and Surveys, Submitting Articles etc.
Fast Growing
We have Empowered Over 2 Million Users all Over Nigeria within 2 Year in Existence.
Strategic Partnership
The Platform has been Structured to Partner with other Legitimate Empowerment Schemes to ensure Success.
Amazing Customer Support
We can guide you through every process and ease you the stress of worrying on what to do or steps to take.
Joseph Christiana
“Great place to be. A friend introduced me YourTimePays and after a careful study of the scheme I came to realize that its not a Ponzi scheme like the rest. Long live YourTimePays.”Joseph Christiana

Empowerment Scheme For Nigerians

Use of Our Social Platform guarantees you daily funds gotten from activities such as Viewing Adverts of Companies, Completing Simple Tasks and Surveys.


A Proven Sustainable Empowerment Program

We have thus far Empowered thousands of Nigerians through our Proven and Sustainable Strategies that has given Nigerians maximum financial benefits.


You Will Get A Car On Completing Your Registration

The Platform Offers State of the Art, Sleek Cars as part of our Empowerment Benefits for Users Interested in the Scheme. You are just a step away!

About Our Company
About UsVisionMissionSustainability PlanOur Track Records
About Us
About Yourtimepays Platform
Towards A Sustainable Empowerment For Nigerians…
The platform is meant to adopt the Work and Earn Scheme. The Scheme ensures that persons who use the Internet actually Work for Companies and get paid. The Scheme is widely accepted in most Countries around the World. The United States of America is top with over 75% of their citizens benefiting financially from the Scheme. We have adopted the same Scheme in Nigeria with the Platform (www.yourtimepays.com) which has created a niche for Nigerians and 3rd party Companies / Business Institutions.

The Vision Of Yourtimepays
We Aim To Achieve…
Towards a sustainable empowerment scheme and value creation while we become a formidable force in the business society of Nigeria.

The Ultimate Mission Of Yourtimepays
Rapid Development Through The Years…

Creating empowerment opportunities through global technology and entrepreneurship using efficient and reliable interface.

We have created a structure built on reliability, efficiency and dedication to satisfy our users, while we strive to create a name that will stand the test of time.

Sustainability Plan
The Yourtimepays Sustainability Plan
We Are Here To Stay…

You can Make Money Online with us through the following ways:

  • Viewing Ads
  • Completing Tasks
  • Completing Online Surveys
  • Referring Friends to YourTimePays
  • Own A Blog / Website
  • Other Ways to Earn are being developed which Includes: Online Shopping, Gaming, Use of Y-Chat, TV Ads, Radio Ads and Articles Submission are being developed.

Now we want to analyze logically what we have in stall for our Users. Firstly we are working to have over ten million (10,000,000) users within the next 3 years. We also plan to pay them an average of thirty thousand naira only (N30,000.00) monthly.

Our Track Records
The Overall Progress Of Yourtimepays
We Are Growing And Empowering Nigerians…

Thus far we have been able to record a tremendous growth rate since the setup of the platform in October 2016. We have grown to over two million and five hundred thousand (2,500,000) Users and thousands of beneficiaries that have received funds from the Scheme.

We have available over one thousand (1,000) live Testimonies from Users who have benefited from the Scheme and we are aiming at expanding the Scheme within the nearest time possible to affect the over ten million Nigerians.(10,000,000)

What We Do?
We have established ourselves as a formidable customer-based Company, built our Company around commitment, experience and the ability to adapt to trends.

Therefore we have Created a platform where Individuals can benefit directly from the Platform. Our Community is a Community of Earners and we are pledged to better our Society while our “Users” enjoy the free flow of cash.

Get Paid to Click on Adverts
Get Paid to Complete Simple Online Tasks and Surveys
Get Paid for Using the Social Media i.e Facebook
Get Paid Posting on Our Forum
Own A Car
Get Paid by Owning A Blog
Become A Partner
Get Paid Submitting Articles

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