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What is Yourtimepays?

Yourtimepays Empowerment Scheme is a Social Empowerment Scheme meant for Nigerians who want to benefit from use of our Social Platform. 

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What do we do?

  • Our Platform contains various Advertisements from Companies / Organizations that can be viewed, the Viewer gets paid per view.

  • We also have various easy-to-do Daily Tasks that can be done like watching videos online, sharing posts on your social medias etc. You get paid for the Every Task Successfully Completed!

  • We Award state-of-the-art cars to our Users who apply.

  • We engage in free skill acquisition training and funding for Startups / Businesses through our 3rd Party funding Organizations.

Our Amazing Features

The Yourtimepays Empowerment Scheme has unique features to maximize your monetary benefit for every second you spend using the Platform. Such feature includes:

Easy to Use

We have developed a platform that is user-friendly and works on all devices…

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Secured Access

Our Platform has a 100% security mechanism for your information and account…

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Convenient Payment Methods

You get paid in naira to your bank account or our prepaid Access card….

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Sustainable Plan

Founded in 2016, Our Platform has Sustainable Strategies to remain forever…

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Approved & Proven System

We have over the years partnered with reputable Companies and Institutions…

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Effective Technical Support

Our Technical team is here for you 24/7 to assist you with every guide…

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Thousands of Testimonies

I recommend your time pays limited to all Nigerian Youths as the best online business. It is a perfect online business that deals with individual gain base on their effort they put on their active state in their account.

Mizta Udy, Ruby User

Yourtimepays is a strong organization, what you sow you shall reap. Am a witness to that.

Funmi Ojo, Gold User

Another way to get back some money spent on data. Best platform ever!

Dayo Makinde, Diamond User

It’s a nice opportunity to be here, don’t miss this!

Vannie Tobi Ogbakpah, Gold User
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Active Users

Nigerians are actively spend their time daily on the platform


Active Payouts

Each Active User on the Platform gets Paid Constantly


What we do

You have various ways to benefit from the Platform

About Us

Make Money On The Platform

Every second you spend on the platform has a monetary value

  • View over 100 Advertisements from over 1,000 Companies in Nigeria and earn up to N1,200 daily.

  • Complete simple Tasks & Surveys Daily and earn up to N200 daily.

Become A Benefactor of Our Various Items

We have various products that we offer at a very huge discount. Imagine up to 75% discount on a Car just for you!

  • Own a State-of-the-art Car today for a huge discount of 75%. N550,000 for a Toyota Camry (Spider) 2010. Yes!

  • Own one of our Gadgets at a 60% Discount now. We have phones and laptops available. A brand new Samsung Note 10e for just N105,000? Yes!

Training & Business Funding

We Empower Nigerians through FREE skill acquisition and easy access to funding from 3rd party Institutions.

  • We train Individuals in various location in Nigeria on various skills to boost their productivity.

  • Access Business Loans and grants easily from the various provisions made by our 3rd party financial institutions in Nigeria.

How it works?

You are just a few minutes from enjoying a steady financial inflow, just follow the easy to use guide…

Yourmmy Foods Restaurant

The Food Restaurant is a Multi-Million Naira Investment by set-up and managed by the Yourtimepays Management

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