Benefits Of Becoming A “Pro User”

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Get Started – Registration Procedures (Mobile Users)

This articles gives a Standard Procedure for "Becoming a Member" and also "Accessing the "User Account Area". As a Member of YourTimePays you are guaranteed a Monthly income based on your amount of time put into the it. Below are Step by Step procedures to Make Money on YourTimePays: STEP 1: REGISTRATION PROCEDURE 1.  Click on the Button or open the Link on your browser. 2. The opened page will look something like this: 3. Fill the form (Fields marked with red are compulsory). 4. After ... Read more

Make Money Referring A Friend To YourTimePays

Refer Others And Multiply Your Money! YourTimePays offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online. You get $5 Instantly for any friend that Successfully become an "Active User". Either with 'Free Account' or "Pro Account". Whats more is that you Earn $5 Instantly with a Referrer becoming a "Pro User"  and extra 5 points on your "Loyalty Rewards". YourTimePays do not only compensate for referring others you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on Pay-To-Click Ads, purchase advertising, complete simple tasks ... Read more

Make Money Completing Online Tasks

Complete Online Tasks As a Registered User you get Daily Task to Complete. This Task includes Sharing of Hyperlinks, Registrations, News, Liking pages and Inviting your Friends to Like Pages, Sharing Post and lots more... The various Task has a descriptions and is very Easy to Complete. Once Completed you will be duly Credited the amount of the Task to Your "TASK" balance which can be viewed either in the "MY ACCOUNT" page or the "COMPLETE TASKS" page. The Task are very easy to ... Read more

Make Money Submitting Articles

Submitting Reports Ranked the #2 way to Earn Cash Online. Your Report happens to be hidden to just a few for a while.  How Does It Work? Most Top News Media both online and Print Media upload News every hour. Ever wondered how they get so much News and updates from different locations? Some have been very smart enough to adopt the latest and fastest way to get Reports in Variety, Vast locations and Cheaply also. Instead of depending on correspondents and employing writers and ... Read more

Make Money Taking Online Surveys

Online Survey Online Paid Survey makes it easier than ever to create polls and survey questionnaires for learning about anything from customer satisfaction to employee engagement. The Survey saves the Companies lots of Cash on production of unwanted or Unused Goods and Services and helps give them a direction. Your Opinion is very relevant to the overall growth of most top Companies. YourTimePays Offers Thousands of Surveys from our Third Party Survey Companies. With Thousands of Surveys available from top Companies like: Virgin Nigeria, ... Read more

Make Money Viewing Ads

Get Paid Viewing Ads (Paid To Click) Paid To Click (PTC) is an online business that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. Paid To Click websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he/she views the advertisement. Essentially, a company uses income from advertising placed on members' screens to pay them for time spent surfing. Basically, YourTimePays draws it's ... Read more

The Best Way To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

With Years of Experience in Service Delivery! How Do You Earn With Popular Websites Earn millions of Dollars daily. They give the exciting contents and use a hook (exciting/rich contents) to make sure you visit them all the time. Internet Marketing is at the Top of Daily Earners in the World with the likes of "Larry Page (Google Founder)", "Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder/CEO)", "Seun Osewa (Nairaland Owner)", "Linda Ikeji (Lindaikeji Blog owner)", to mention a few. But while we preach about their successes, ... Read more