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What is Yourtimepays?

Yourtimepays Empowerment Scheme is a Social Empowerment Scheme meant for Nigerians who want to benefit from use of our Social Platform. 

YOURTIMEPAYS® started on October 26th, 2016 under Shagmus Integrated Services Limited, an indigenous Registered Company in Nigeria, with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by 13th October, 2017, YOURTIMEPAYS® became a full blown company with a New Management and a Company known as YOURTIMEPAYS INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD with RC. 1444935. The platform was created to run on a wed address www.yourtimepays.com.

The platform is meant to adopt the Work and Earn Scheme. The Scheme ensures that persons who use the Internet actually work for Companies and get paid. The Scheme is widely accepted in most Countries around the World. The United States of America is top with over 75% of their citizens benefiting financially from the Scheme. We have adopted the same Scheme in Nigeria with the platform (www.yourtimepays.com) which has created a niche for Nigerians and 3rd party Companies/Business Institutions.

While the Companies benefit largely with growth and a huge Customer-base with growth and a huge customer-base with provision of simple online jobs, advertisements, surveys, etc. Nigerians also benefit financially from the proceeds disbursed by these Companies/Business Institutions once they spend time using the Internet.

The platform will also thrive as an Affiliate Marketing Scheme with our Company promoting other Company products/services. We also offer advert placement for such Companies who want to take advantage of our robust database.

What do we do?

  • Our Platform contains various Advertisements from Companies / Organizations that can be viewed, the Viewer gets paid per view.

  • We also have various easy-to-do Daily Tasks that can be done like watching videos online, sharing posts on your social medias etc. You get paid for the Every Task Successfully Completed!

  • We Award state-of-the-art cars to our Users who apply.

  • We engage in free skill acquisition training and funding for Startups / Businesses through our 3rd Party funding Organizations.


Towards sustainable empowerment and value creation while we become a formidable force in the business society of Nigeria.


Creating empowerment opportunities through global technology and entrepreneurship using efficient and reliable interface.
We have created a structure built on reliability, efficiency and dedication to satisfy our users, while we strive to create a name that will stand the test of time.

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