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YOURTIMEPAYS INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED is an Indigenous Registered Company in Nigeria, with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The Company setup a platform known as “YourTimePays” October 26, 2016. The platform was created to run on a web address www.yourtimepays.com.

The platform is meant to adopt the Work and Earn Scheme. The Scheme ensures that persons who use the Internet actually Work for Companies and get paid. The Scheme is widely accepted in most Countries around the World. The United States of America is top with over 75% of their citizens benefiting financially from the Scheme. We have adopted the same Scheme in Nigeria with the Platform (www.yourtimepays.com) which has created a niche for Nigerians and 3rd party Companies / Business Institutions.

While the Companies benefit largely with growth and a huge Customer base with provision of simple online jobs, advertisements, surveys, etc. Nigerians also benefit financially from the proceeds disbursed by these Companies / Business Institutions once they spend time using the internet.

The platform will also thrive as an Affiliate Marketing Scheme with our Company promoting other Company products / Services. We also offer Advert placement for such Companies who want to take advantage of our Robust database.


Towards sustainable empowerment and value creation while we become a formidable force in the business society of Nigeria.


Creating empowerment opportunities through global technology and entrepreneurship using efficient and reliable interface.

We have created a structure built on reliability, efficiency and dedication to satisfy our users, while we strive to create a name that will stand the test of time.

Who are We?

We have established ourselves as a formidable customer-based Company, built our Company around commitment, experience and the ability to adapt to trends.

Therefore we have Created a platform where Individuals can benefit directly from the Platform. Our Community is a Community of Earners and we are pledged to better our Society while our “Users” enjoy the free flow of cash.

How Do You Earn With YourTimePays.com?

What most Website owners won’t tell you

Popular Websites Earn millions of Dollars daily. They give the exciting contents and use a hook (exciting/rich contents) to make sure you visit them all the time. Internet Marketing is at the Top of Daily Earners in the World with the likes of “Larry Page (Google Founder)”, “Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder/CEO)”, “Seun Osewa (Nairaland Owner)”, “Linda Ikeji (Lindaikeji Blog owner)”, to mention a few.

But while we preach about their successes, the fact still remains ‘you are being used to create millions for some individuals‘. Most persons have tried to own a blog, website, forum etc. to try achieving such goals but ends up finding the task as being too expensive and with endless demands. It can be very frustrating and giving up seem to be the only option.

YourTimePays therefore decided to try things differently. We help you Earn the needed cash you have ever dreamed of. We ease you the stress of finding a way and spending a lot on a project that might crash.

In other words we share our Earnings with you. “So it is a help us, help you situation“, Where we expand our Community through you, then you Earn.

So we are all part of the formidable project where our growth is your growth

“This is not one of those Get Rich Quick Schemes, You Earn based on your Input and it very practical…”

Our Users Membership
Starter 65%
Basic 14%
Corper 3%
Gold 5%
Ruby 5%
Diamond 8%


How Do I Make Money On The Platform?
We will provide you with Advertisements and Links to Popular Websites and once you visit and Click on an ad you Earn Instantly.
Complete Tasks
Complete very Easy everyday Tasks Online and Earn each time. With Our Daily dose of Tasks will get you working for the extra cash.
Complete Online Surveys
Complete very Easy everyday Tasks Online and Earn each time. With Our Daily dose of Tasks will get you working for the extra cash.
Submit Articles
Submit News, Articles, Events and general reporting which will be published in top websites and earn per report.
Visit Our Forum
Earn points which can be converted to Cash by commenting, creating a posts, liking and lots more in the forum.
Refer A Friend
The program let’s your Friends Join Our Amazing Community. You get a Referral Link when you Signup and the Link can be shared on social media.
Message From CEO


Kerry Kenu S.
Founder / Chief Executive Officer
The YourTimePays Platform was founded out of the necessity to Empower Nigerians and reduce the masses dependence on the Government.