YourTimePays is a proven method that allows website publishers of every size or budget to direct targeted and unique traffic to their website. This is the same system that the largest online retailers in the world take advantage of their advertising needs.

YourTimePays offers this opportunity to every web merchant whether you are a startup business with a minimal advertising budget or if your business is already established but you are desiring additional web exposure. For as little as N20,000.00 you can position your website to be exposed to potential customers.

YourTimePays has developed sophisticated online tracking and monitoring systems to ensure that every Dollar you spend advertising with YourTimePays delivers to you the most band software virtually eliminates any type of Internet bots that automatically click through your ads. For this reason, you can be rest assured that your ads are being viewed by real customers with true buying power.

What is the Cost?

STARTER 20,000.00 Reach over 1,000,000 within  a week (1 full task and 2 days Ads clicks).
CLASSIC 30,0000.00 Reach over 2,000,000 with 2 weeks (1 Full Task and 1 week ads clicks).
PLATINUM 50,000.00 Reach over 5,000,000 with a month (1 weekend Task, 1 month Ads clicks, 3 months (1 weekend ads, special clicks).
RUBY 150,000.00 Reach over 25,000,000 within 3 months (5 weekend tasks, 3 months (5 weekends tasks, 3 months ads click, special  task clicks, shared traffics).
DIAMOND 1,000,000.00 Unlimited Reach, within 6 Months (2 Tasks both weekdays and weekend, 6 months ads clicks, special tasks clicks, shared traffic.
PAY AS YOU GO N4.00 per click
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