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The OWN A CAR SCHEME is an Empowerment Scheme meant for both Users of the Platform, Advertisers and Partners.

The Scheme Guarantees all Applicants a Brand New Car within 9 to 10 Months after the payment of Commitment fee of following categories below:

• Peugeot 206 (2008 Model) – N25,500.00

• Hyundai Accent (2010 Model) – N40,000.00

• Hyundai Elantra (2011 Model) – N55,500.00

You can apply now by following the link

That Application and Successful Payment will automatically guarantee you will be short-listed to receive a Brand New Car.

You will be sent a possible date to Receive the Brand New Car within 48 hours of Payment Confirmation.

Applicants will receive the Qualification date within 270 Days of Confirmation of Payment and 365 days to be awarded the Car.

The Applicant will be Required to come along with a one time pickup fee. The Below is the Pickup fee for the Various categories:

⇒ Peugeot 206 – N255,000.00

⇒ Hyundai Accent – N400,000.00

⇒ Hyundai Elantra – N555,000.00

You can choose to Collect Cash in place of the Car if you feel you don’t have the Collection Fee or can’t maintain a Car after Collection. Click Here to View Cash Collection Process 

During the award the Applicant will be handed the Documents to the Car and will be required to Register the Car (Vehicle License) and leave the Companies Logo for the next 365 Days from date of collection.

Read the Complete Terms of Car Collection

YourTimePays is an Empowerment Platform with over 2,500,000 (two million and five hundred thousand) Registered Users Nationwide. You can find out more about the Platform by visiting . 

We have over 200,000 Users who are active and receive payment from this Platform on monthly basis. The minimum amount a User can receive is N6,000.00 and some Users receive above N50,000.00.

We have structured the first Scheme to provide 2,000 Brand New Cars. Meaning the Application is set to stop at 2,000.

Below is the Calculated Budget:

1000 Hyundai Elantra @ N6,000,000.00 x 1000 = N6,000,000,000.00
200 Hyundai Accent @ N4,000,000.00 x 200 = N800,000,000.00
500 Hyundai i10 @ N2,500,000.00 x 800 = N2,000,000,000.00

Total Cost of 2,000 Brand New Cars = N8, 800,000,000.00

We have set a monthly charge of $3.50 (N1,000.00) for ALL Users of the Platform monthly beginning from the 25th of February 2018.

Monthly Charge Calculation:
N1,000.00 x 200,000 Users = N200,000,000.00 Monthly
N200,000,000.00 x 12 months = N2,400,000,000.00 Annualy
N200,000,000.00 x 48 months = N9,600,000,000.00 4Years

The Company will Generate a Sum of N9,600,000.00 within 4 years to Pay for the Brand New Cars from the Monthly Charges

The Company wants to expand her publicity through the OWN A CAR SCHEME.

The Applicants will receive the Brand New Cars Fully Branded with the Company’s logo and other Advert Placements which is to remain for 1 year after which the Benefactor can take off the Branding.

That will serve as a cost effective form of Advertisement as we plan to use the Brand New Cars rather than TV, Radio and Billboards which will cost us more.




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