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The Click4Me Incentive created by the Yourtimepays Empowerment Platform, is designed for the following Individuals:

  • A Subscribed User [also known as “The Subscriber“] who is too busy to perform Ad Clicks, Tasks & Surveys and Video Ads.
  • A User [also known as “The Clicker“] who doesn’t have funds to Subscribe but wants to Earn Money as a Subscriber.

Nice one?

Yes! We just created a perfect Bridge where everyone can benefit fully from our Empowerment Platform.


The Subscriber and Clicker are required to “Apply” for the Incentive.


Every User who Subscribes to a Package is monitored based on their daily activities online, when we notice low activity on the Subscribed User’s Account, we will contact the Subscriber and recommend the Click4Me Incentive.

Once Approved by the Subscriber, The Clicker Now has access to the Subscribers Account to run daily activities and during payment, the Money is transferred to both parties on the sharing formula of 70% to the Subscriber and 30% to the Clicker i.e The Account has earned N50,000, the Subscriber Gets N35,000 into his account and the Clicker Gets N15,000 into his account.

Simple and fair! Right?


  • Must have an Active Account on the Platform.
  • Must be a Basic Subscriber or if a FREE User, must have Earned up to N5,000 and have withdrawn at least once.
  • Must NOT use VPN to Access the Adverts.


  • The Clicker and the Subscriber will have Access to the Account.
  • The Clicker is required to only Access Activities (Ads, Tasks and Video Ads).**
  • On Payment funds will be disbursed simultaneously to the Subscriber and the Clickers Account.
  • The Subscriber can at anytime cancel the services of the Clicker but will settle the Clicker his 30% based on the current Earnings during cancellation.
  • If the Subscriber is on the “Salary Forever” Incentive, the Clicker MUST be a Basic Subscriber with a Salary Account.
  • A Clicker who has Earned over N50,000 will be required to be a Subscriber (Gold).

** If the Clicker attempts to edit or change information of the Subscriber, The Clicker will be automatically denied Access to the Subscribers Account and will not qualify anymore for the “Click4Me” Incentive.

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