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This articles gives a Standard Procedure for “Becoming a Member” and also “Accessing the “User Account Area”.

As a Member of YourTimePays you are guaranteed a Monthly income based on your amount of time put into the it.

Below are Step by Step procedures to Make Money on YourTimePays:


1.  Click on the Button Register with YourTimePays or open the Link on your browser.

2. The opened page will look something like this:

3. Fill the form (Fields marked with red are compulsory).

4. After filling the form click on “REGISTER”.

5. You will be directed to a “Welcome Page”.

6. Check your email address as a link will be sent to “Verify Your Email Address”. Click on the Link to “Verify Your Email Address” and the Link will redirect you to the below page:

7. You have 3 alternative buttons on the page.

i. Button 1 (GO TO MY ACCOUNT NOW) – Gives you Access to your Account Information. Read also [ Tutorial – How to Manage a “Free User” Account ]

ii. Button 2 (UPGRADE TO PRO USER) – Enables you access to upgrade your Membership to “Pro Users”. Read more about Pro Users

iii. Button 3 (ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT) – You have a chance to “Make $10 Instantly” during your “Account Activation Process”. Read Also [ Tutorials – Account Activation Guide ]

Now your Registration has been “Fully Completed“. 

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