MUST READ! Why you got scammed with Ultimate Cycler?

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Ultimate Cycler has not been Confirmed to be a scam! However several checks has led to our prognosis.


This article focuses on knowing Genuine website(s) in other to protect yourself from possible scam and loose of your finance online. Most persons complain of being scammed online but the truth remains that there are genuine websites and knowing them is key to being protected from fraud.

There is a basic secret to detect if a website is fraudulent or has no legal backing. A genuine website must have a TRUSTED CERTIFICATE. Basically there are sites online that issue certificates to website owners and the certification is based on proven facts that a website activity is Genuine and legal.

This websites issue what is referred to as SSL Certificates and this certificates converts your normal URL ( to ( The SSL program which is installed during certification, track your website activities and make sure your website remains within an operational bound. Examples of websites that issue such certificates are VeriSign, Symantec, McAfee, Comodo etc.

The minimum Certification cost over $1599.00 (N 650,000.00) a year per website. You must provide other details such as Certificate of Company Registration and Tax Documents, which will be properly reviewed before approval. Also once there is an untreated complaint from a user of your website or Report of Scam, your website certificate will be revoked. Which means that only genuine websites can have that label on it.

You can report a website that scammed you by CLICKING HERE.

How can you know a Trusted Certified website? Below are examples of Trusted Certified websites:





  • The list is endless. The Green label (cycled in red in the screen shots above) before the address. You can check out websites you use often for the Trusted Certificate.

For now I still have doubts when I see the fact that has not been verified as a Trusted website. I took the below screenshot some days ago before the website was shutdown. Anyway, I wish all users success if it eventually comes up!


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