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Submitting Reports

Ranked the #2 way to Earn Cash Online. Your Report happens to be hidden to just a few for a while. 

How Does It Work?

Most Top News Media both online and Print Media upload News every hour. Ever wondered how they get so much News and updates from different locations? Some have been very smart enough to adopt the latest and fastest way to get Reports in Variety, Vast locations and Cheaply also.

Instead of depending on correspondents and employing writers and having to pay thousands monthly to Private Reporter/ Correspondents. The Your Report has been the Easier option where Reporting is open to everyone around the Country.

You get paid once you Report is published online. Top News and Gossip sites i.e,,, etc. Actually pay for most of their Reports.

YourTimePays has also developed her Blog to which we can pay you directly once your Article is Published.

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What can I Report?

A Report comprises of an interesting catchy Article that will keep readers focused. It’s not just only News and Gossips. Below are the Comprehensive List of Your Reports:

  • Articles – Which can include fact, quotes, stories, knowledge base, health tips, Relationship guides, Educational, Inspirational writing etc.
  • Events – Inclusive of all forms of events like Weddings, Burials, Entertainers Shows, Sports Events etc.
  • Gossips and News
  • Celebrity Gist.
  • Poems

How Much Can I Earn for an Article?

It is solely dependent on the content and if it is a Fresh (Original content) or a Copied (copied from another blog or News Media).The Below Table highlights the Average Earnings per Report Category:

Reports Average Payout
Fresh News & Gossip, Articles, Events, Celebrity Gist, Poems etc. $5 – $100
Copied News & Gossips, Articles, Celebrity Gist, Poems etc. $0.5 – $2

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