The Yourtimepays Platform (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Platform’) run by Yourtimepays Integrated Services Limited® (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Company’) underwent a period of Crisis from 23rd April, 2018 till 23rd February, 2018. This Crisis affected the General output of the Company in terms of User’s Payout, Seamless Upgrades, Advert Placement, Account Updates, Car Awards, Bloggers2Brands Rewards, Card Collection, Agent’s Designation, Customer’s Relations, Events and General Logistics.

We sort to identify what went wrong and measures taken over time to resolve the Crisis and Restore the Platform to align with the Vision to which the Business was founded.


A Platform that seemed seamless in its operation and had a great promise suddenly went into what was generally assumed as a crash.

We will highlight the four (4) major factors that served as catalyst to deeply affect the Output of the Platform. The factors are namely:

  1. Dispute between Directors of the Company.
  2. Staff Sabotage
  3. Lien / Caveat / Restriction Placed on the Company’s Account.
  4. Interference by Users of the Platform

We note that the above listed factors served as deterrents to alter the output as envisioned by the Company. How? Let us take our time to properly analyze these factors.


Yourtimepays Integrated Services Limited is a Registered Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and is Limited by Shares which is sated in the Memorandum of Association and Article of Association.

However, a Dispute emerged between the Founder, Mr Kerry Kenu (hereinafter referred to as Mr Kerry) who was also the CEO and Mr Oyemike Ndi Paul (herein after referred to as Mr Paul) who served as the Admin / Finance Director.

Mr Kerry moved against the fact that Mr Paul receives huge funds belonging to the Company into his Personal Accounts which is against the Company’s Policy of transparency. Also sensitive decisions were made by Mr Paul without dully informing Mr Kerry who is the CEO / Founder and Major Shareholder of the Company.

The dispute led to a Power struggle which eventually caused a Split in Directors, Staffs, Users and also altercations made against each other. The Dispute eventually led Mr Paul to startup a Similar Company which was named: “Timepays Click Limited” (hereinafter referred to as ‘Mr Paul’s Team’) and he went further to open a website and copy contents from the Youtimepays Platform. The move went further to destabilize the Platform as Users Accounts were removed, Social Media Groups were Compromised due to the fact that Staffs who were loyal to Mr Paul took advantage of the trust meted on them to cause further harm.

Scandal and Blackmail was further used as a tool to diminish the image of the Company and its Founder, Mr Kerry and this succeeded in causing further damage as the Public were lured to taking opposite side thereby causing more chaos.

The effects of the Dispute are highlighted below:
  1. User’s Accounts were compromised which includes:
  2. Deletion of Accounts directly and with Malwares (viruses meant to alter).
  3. Creation of Accounts using fake identity and adding funds.
  4. Addition of Funds to certain accounts.
  5. The Official Customers Care Number, 07002255987 was meant to forward to 3 different lines. 2 of the lines were with Mr Paul’s team and misleading information was dished out to Customers.
  6. The Official WhatsApp Platforms were taken over by Mr Paul’s Team and was solely used to relay false information.
  7. Majority of the Company’s Database which includes list of Upgrades, Car Payments, Car Awardees, and Agents were in the possession of Mr Paul Team and was never released.
  8. The Company’s Document and properties were held making it almost impossible for the CEO and his Management to function.
  9. The Companies Official Logo and Letterhead were used by Mr Paul’s Team to make proposals and mislead the Public who taught they were dealing with the Company.
  10. The name ‘Timepays Click’ was solely registered to mislead the Public and the Logo that belongs to the Company was slightly modified to resemble the Original Logo of the Company.

From January, 2018 Mr Kerry noticed that funds were not being remitted into the Company’s Official Account in Access Bank Plc. When he contacted the Financial Director, Mr Paul he stated that Upgrades has seized and same with other transactions but Mr Kerry who could monitor the activities noticed that numbers of Upgrades kept increasing and same with Car Awardees. This of course looked creepy and he decided to follow up and block Mr Iyke who was then the Head of ICT and installed a new Staff, Mrs Susan Otaru to monitor activities on Upgrades and Car Application. She eventually discovered that the funds were not being paid into the Company’s Account and after a Secret Audit / Inventory was performed, the numbers didn’t added up and the issue of fund diversion was discovers.

Mr Kerry also noticed during the Period of the March Awards (24th & 31st), that a lot of transactions were being carried out without his knowledge. An example of such was during the Award which took place at Asaba. Mr Kerry was approached by a man name Papablack Okon from Akwa Ibom, he alleged to have paid N255,000 (two hundred and fifty five thousand naira) since 28th of October, 2017 and after close to 5 months Mr Kerry was not aware of the transaction. It therefore led him to further underground investigation and then he noticed he was kept in the dark on most transactions that were carried out by the Company he owned by virtue of Shares. Later a Car was gotten in the name of the Company and given to a Staff, Mr Iyke without the knowledge of Mr Kerry and another to a Mr Emmanuel within the same period.

Also Mr Kerry who was not a member of the various WhatsApp Groups got reports that persons were complaining on the various Groups on the issue of Payout and knowing that funds were released regularly from the Company’s Access Bank Account for payout.

Mr Kerry made moves to discuss his concerns with Mr Paul on the 13th Day of April, 2018 which thereby lead to the eventual dispute as Mr Paul felt he had the right to make such transaction but the fact remained that Mr Kerry never received funds above 105,000 (one hundred and five thousand naira) into his personal account at anytime. The Company permitted the Management to receive fund from Users but not in large sum to allow for accountability.

The move to however block Mr Paul from access to the Platform’s back-end was made on the 23rd of April, 2018 which was the Official beginning of the Crisis that ensued.

We however, found out that Mr Paul was being fed with false stories by a former driver, Mr Moses Atokolo. The Former Driver was sidelined by Mr Kerry when he noticed he had dubious characters and decided to use all means possible to discredit the effort of Mr Kerry by fashioning lies to Mr Paul and other Staffs. The Later Investigation cleared Mr Paul of all charges of fraud and we can state that Mr Paul Ndi Oyemike never personally spent Company’s funds but acted out of over zealousness with assumption that he was doing the Platform good. 


Mr Kerry recruited Staffs based on effectiveness and gave them specific duties to ensure the smooth flow of the Company’s activities which includes: Customer’s Relations, Card Distribution, Upgrade, Payout, Marketing for Advert Companies, Database management, Bulk SMS and Emails, Maintaining Websites on the Bloggers to Brands Program etc.

Mr Paul would not have been able to function effectively on his own but the Staffs who once represented the Company turned their backs on the Vision of the Company. But why? You may ask! Simply put, Greed!


Mr Kerry summoned Staffs on the 12th Day of April when the issue of Pending withdrawal came up and strictly scolded the Staff and Management during the meeting. Mr Kerry noticed that more attention was given to Car Awards than payouts. Mr Kerry then stern decision to suspend Car Collection indefinitely till all Payouts are done. Stating the fact that the Users are the Ultimate target and Cars was just a means of Advert. So why Advertise when the Users are not happy.

The meeting was preceded by a meeting that was held without Mr Kerry’s knowledge where Mr Paul who claimed to be in charge gave a well served speech to lure them into taking sides with him by promising undeserved promotions, Exotic Cars and a raise in Salary to all Staffs if they will stand by him. Guess what? It worked! i.e Asemota Jeremiah who was just a fresh Graduate with no working experience was made a General Manager.

Mr Jerry Aji Kenu,a Director and Elder Brother to Mr Kerry was also contacted and made attempt to lure him into the act. He called Mr Kerry, his brother and was instructed to play along to see the extent they were willing to go with the sabotage. Mr Paul promised Mr Jerry a jeep and a huge salary as a price for his Loyalty, planned a recorded call to use as an evidence to mislead the public, paid Mr Jerry to attend functions i.e The Launch of their Bottle Water. 

Staffs who were placed on a temporal lean Salary to ensure they focus on the Vision of the Company began to live huge on Users money as their salaries where increased. The Pathetic decision led to the outright Sabotage and whatsoever information entrusted to them was neither kept, revealed or destroyed. They craved a better life at the expense of the Vision of the Company that was aimed at benefiting Nigerians.

Effect of the Staffs Sabotage on the Platform:
  1. Majority of the information(s) belonging to Users were never released to the Company.
  2. Progress reports were all swallowed and even used negatively.
  3. ATM cards belonging to Users were thrown away (Each card cost the Company N1,050.00), Bloggers to Brands website and web data were deleted, Payout updates were never released for the new management to know where they stopped, Car Awardees list was nowhere to be found etc.
  4. User’s details from Customer Relations department also suffered a huge setback as we had to begin compilation from the scratch.


The Company operated 2 Account namely:


The Access Bank Plc. Account was used to receive funds for Upgrades and Adverts. The Funds were used also for Payouts into the ATM Cards for Users through the Platform named ‘Primus Lite’. The Account was placed on a Lien / Withdrawal Restriction after Mr Paul and Miss Abiodun Omagbe (A Director) wrote a Board Resolution to Access Bank requesting the Account to be blocked. Stating that the account was used for fraudulent transactions. The bank followed the instruction and immediately placed a Restriction on the Account and the last financial transaction carried out on that account was on the 19th Day of April, 2018. The move thereby rendered funds in the Account dormant till date. It adversely affected Payout as the funds kept aside for Payout has been trapped. All this efforts was to ensure the Platform fails which will help to vindicate they were right with their decisions.

The Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Account was used to receive funds for Car Application and Collection. The Account also was placed on Lien / Withdrawal Restriction as the same Board Resolution that was sent to Access Bank was also sent to the Guaranty Trust Bank Plc. Management. The Lien was however lifted after some months but later suffered a major setback when a Lien was placed on the Account on the 26th of October, 2018 (A day to the Company’s 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration). Unknown to the Management who went ahead to issue Cheques to User’s at the Anniversary as a Compensation and also purchased Cars for Qualified Users. The Management was stunned after attempts to Transfer funds proved abortive and later found out a Lien has been placed once again. It cost the Management a huge embarrassment as Cars Awarded couldn’t be paid for, Cheques became invalid and the Platform seemed to have made a fool of Users.

Effect of the Staffs Sabotage on the Platform:
  1. Restricted the Company Access to funds for Payouts and other pressing financial transactions.
  2. The Company lost opportunities as you can’t present a Personal Account to run a Company Transaction.
  3. Cheques issued became invalid.


We dearly understand the pain and confusion Users felt. It seemed like another Scheme that was here to milk Nigerians of their hard earned Money. The Management appreciate those who gave encouragement, made sacrifices, believed in her Vision and Stood by her through the seemingly rough times.

However, there were a set of Users who added more pains to the ailing situation. Namely:

  1. The Social Media Attackers
  2. The Car Awardees

The Social Media Attackers were just catalyst to make sure the issue was compounded by discouraging other Users or Newbies. The action led to the downturn of User’s activities which further worsened the ailing state of the Platform. Name Calling became a regular thing for them as they sort out every medium to call the Platform and its Management Scammers, Fraudsters and use all form of vulgar languages to disrupt the Activities of the Platform. Some of them also went extra miles to reporting the Platform unknown to them that the issue is already being handled by the necessary Authority as the Company’s activities has been very transparent and void of any form of Fraud.

The Car Awardees also hugely compounded the situation as most of them even being Beneficiaries were so quick to remove the Company Logos or Abandon their Account and left the Company to pay huge debts on those cars.


The Platform even with the Crisis was never shutdown. We quietly made move to fully restore the Platform and lay it back on the path to its set Vision. What progress has been made thus far?

The Moves and Progress Report will be highlighted in the various stages:

  1. A New Management Team (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Team‘) was formed, the Team was made up of those who stood by the Vision of the Platform against all odds and didn’t crave for temporal benefits but focused on the overall growth of the Company.
  2. During the heat of the Crisis, the newly constituted Management made moves to make Payout through the Account of Mr Kerry since the Company’s Account was placed on Lien / Withdrawal Restriction. The Management led by Miss Ajibo Edith (Face of Yourtimepays 2017) sold off the Vehicle awarded to her and made sure she and Miss Cynthia Lawal raised funds while Mr Kerry and Arome Emmanuel ( Current Personnel Manager) worked on getting a new Head Office and begin full operations. The Management who were left financially handicapped moved for a Loan of N25,000,000.00 (twenty five million naira) from Access Bank Plc. Knowing that the Company is Credit worthy. The loan was to be used to pay Users Pending Withdrawal, pending whenever the Bank will lift the various Lien placed on the Company’s Account. However, sadly a Board Resolution was again submitted which was signed by Mr Paul and Miss Abiodun instructing that no Loan be issued.
  3. The Management had to restrategize plans to keep the Platform running but we had to do so quietly to avoid uproar. Cars were awarded, Upgrades were accepted and we did Payouts quietly to the newer Users while we source for funds to pay of the Pending Withdrawals.
  4. The Management went further to effect a change in the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Documents and has further removed all other Directors and made Mr Kerry sole owner of the Company, meaning he has absolute right to all decisions made with Miss Cynthia Lawal as the Secretary to the Company.
  5. The Management reported the case to the State’s Investigation Bureau (SIB) at the FCT Police Command and Investigation and Recovery of Company’s properties were initiated. Amongst properties recovered were office equipment, detailed Payout Lists, Detailed Car Award List, ATM Cards, Cars etc.
  6. The Management has therefore made tremendous moves and took months of reorganization to create a seamless framework for success.
  7. The issue between Mr Paul and the Company is still in Court (Click to View Court Notice), the Legal framework came up with a dispute on how funds is to be shared and same with liabilities.

We have Completely highlighted the present stand of the Company on various Pending issues which includes:


The Yourtimepays Platform is fully active for Login and every other activities. Ads will be fully standardized from 12pm on Monday 18, 2019. 

User’s Account are now fully integrated in Naira and those whose membership has expired will be given an extra 60 Days on their expired Membership i.e A Gold Member who has returned to Starter will be Re Upgraded to Gold Package for 60 Days.

If you have issues with our Account in terms of Login, Conversion, Withdrawals etc. WhatsApp 08066130117 or Call 08066130117 from 7am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays.


The Company will issue full Payout to all Pending Withdrawals within 6 months. An official Injunction has been filled for Users and you should be rest assured that all Payments will be made with the Assistance of Zed Finance (A Credit Institution). All Payments will be made to the Bank Account Details provided by Users. VIEW INJUNCTION>>

View the Complete List of Pending Withdrawals

The Company has released a List which was stretch within the Next 8 months from 16th March, 2019 to 26th October, 2019. The time frame will allow the Company fulfill all Cars that were to be Awarded. VIEW AWARD LIST>>


A Comprehensive list will be released on Sunday 17 March, 2019 by 7pm. The List will Contain a detailed date of Payment for each of the Beneficiaries. The Payments will stretch from 30th March, 2019 to 31st May, 2019.


The Company has reopened a Bank Account with Access Bank which will have no issues of Lien / Withdrawal Restriction as it was opened with the New CTC (Certified True Copy) of the Modified Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Document. The ATM Card Data will be Transferred to the New Account for seamless operations.


The Corporate Head Office of Yourtimepays Integrated Services Limited will be reopened for full operations on the 28th of April, 2019. 

Staff interview will be conducted on the 28th of April, 2019 and qualified Staffs will be enlisted and employed duly. Main while full operations is being carried out from a temporal Office while work has Commenced on the new Corporate Head Office. APPLY TO WORK WITH US>>


The Customer Care Line 08066130117 is now active. Users can call from 7am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays.

The other line 07002255987 will be reactivated on the 28th of April, 2019.


The Various WhatsApp Groups will be made active from 7pm on Saturday 16th March, 2019. VIEW VARIOUS GROUPS


We have temporarily suspended the Program and will revive it fully from the 30th of April, 2019. 


We were fortunate to have gotten back the Comprehensive list of all Agents / Partners. We have a special offer for all Agents which will be revealed on Saturday 30 March, 2019.


Together we have nurtured a Vision, we have all worked hard to fulfill that Vision and I deeply appreciate your Support, Criticism, Prayers, Encouragement, Verbal Altercations and Love showed towards me and the Company. 

Most especially, lessons has been learned and our drive for progress has been fueled by your love for a better Nigeria. I am thereby obliged to not fail in my endeavors and restore the trust placed by every single Nigerian who helped to make the Platform great. 

I am honored to be your leader towards a common goal and together we will forge ahead and turn the tide of blessings and favor towards a Great Vision that God has bestowed on me. I seek humility as I perform my duty and pray for wisdom and deep understanding to make positive progress in the quest for greatness.


I will commend efforts you have made to help build a formidable Platform. We were more than Partners, we were Brothers and friends but you let the Human instinct of mistrust and fear of the unknown lead you to take decisions that cost us a lot. I was happy to find out that you never defrauded the Company but only acted over zealously thinking you were helping the Company. I believe you have learned your lessons and hold no grudge against you because you are a good person.


I appreciate your patience, sacrifice and efforts put towards my vision. You all deserve a huge accolade and I won’t be here holding on to a second chance if not for your support. You all were the Shoulders I needed and you gave it to me fully. You called me “Boss” and treated me as a Boss even in my shortcomings. Words won’t be enough but I can use the little am permitted to express. I love you all deeply and we are more than Partners but now family.


God who has seen the Platform through and gave me strength beyond normal to handle a period of trial, he has given me you all to raise me up and give me the tap in the back. I also need correction when am wrong so feel free to always drop a message or messages. Even if I don’t regularly pick or reply just know that I have you all in mind and keep me constantly in your prayers. We will someday meet and have a chit-chat and you will buy me a drink (from your earnings), then take me on a spin with your Yourtimepays Car… Am looking forward to that day. Till then remain blessed by God!! 




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