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Here is a Simple Guide on How To Make Money on The YourTimePays Platform.

Firstly, open www.yourtimepays.com
Click on the “Menu” and open “My Account“. The “Login” page will be displayed. Input your “Login” details you used during the “Registration” process. Click on “Login“.
 You will be redirected to the “My Account” Page. Here displays all the information(s) you will need to be a better earner.
Now Let’s focus on how to Make Money using the Platform.
On the “Top Bar “(in black) you will see the following menus “Home” “My Account” “View Ads” “Complete Tasks & Surveys” “Submit Articles” “Refer A Friend” “Forum” “Advertise” “logout
Now let us proceed to the first way:
View Ads
Click on the menu tagged “View Ads”. Various Company Adverts will be displayed.
Click on the subject of the box that is highlighted. This action will prompt a new page that will be opened in your device. Wait for about 30 seconds when you see “six icons” being displayed at the top right corner of your screen with a label “Click on the Upside Down Image”. Kindly identify the icon that is up side down.
Once done, you will see a message, ” please wait, then after 2-3 seconds, the message, “thanks for watching will be displayed. At this point you have earned by viewing an ad. Kindly close the window and the “View Ads” page will be reopened, You will then notice the Advert you click is now dim compared to others. Do same process for as much Ads as you find on the page.
Next is  Complete Tasks
Complete Tasks & Surveys
Most tasks are given by companies. The price for surveys range from $0.5 to $5.
Click the link in available task. You will be redirected to another page where you are expected to click on the link. This link will redirect you to another page where you will be expected to complete the task. When you’re done with the task, kindly go back to the page where the link was.
Fill in the blank spaces that requires your user name or email and welcome email or any extra information.
 When you’re done kindly click on send button.  Message will be displayed that your submission was successful and it will be verified.
Your account will be credited after your post have been verified and  posted on the interface.
NOTE: Surveys has the same procedure and is available only for Upgraded Users.
Next is Submit Articles
Submit An Article
Articles are write-ups you compose originally by your ingenuity or you copied from other sources.
There are different categories of articles, to mention but a few, we have Sports, Arts, Fashion and Style, Telecommunication, etc. When you want to post articles click on *”Submit Article“* then a new page will open where you are to fill the right information as required. You will be required to choose category, attach a picture and then specify if the article was originally written by you or you copied from another source, etc. Kindly specify and be sincere. When you’re done, paste the article on the space provided then submit it. A notification will be sent to you that it was received and pending.
After it has been reviewed and posted on the blog, your account will be credited for a job well done.
Next is Refer A Friend
Refer A Friend
This is another simple way to make extra cool cash. As you Earn $0.5 per person who joins through your link and become Active and an added $5.00 bonus on anyone who Upgrades.
Kindly click on “Refer A Friend” from your dashboard “top menu”. The Page will open displaying a bold link in green. Simply Copy the Link and share it on Social Media, WhatsApp and so on… Once someone Registers through your Link you get the Reward.
Next is The Forum
The forum is an interactive interface that enable users share their views and thoughts without any inhibition. It functions like the popular Nairaland forum. All you do is simply click on “Forum” on the “Top Bar”. A list of Headline will be displayed all you need do is just play around. Post a New Topic, Reply, Comment, Like Topics and so on.
Each activity completed, comment posted, and likes etc performed attracts $0.01.
Go back to your “My Account” page and view the progress of your Earnings anytime.
That’s all you will need to know for now!



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