The Yourtimepays Empowerment Platform has been sold and is now a property of a Canadian Company named The Works Bridge Companies Limited.

The decision was reached by the Management on the 29th of May, 2021 after a Board Meeting. The decision to sell was bourn out of the necessity to involves investors who will involve the needed funds which the Company needs to fully function.

The handover documentation process would be finalized on the 15th Day of June, 2021. While the Pre-handover process has fully begun with processes like Audit, Preparation, Approach, Presentation and Database Transfer.

This will mean that from the 15th Day of June 2021, all Assets, Infrastructures, Staff, Non-Physical Assets and Liabilities will be fully managed by The Works Bridge Management.

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Find Attached the Sales Agreement!!

Yourtimepays Purchase Aggreement